Drone racers take it to the streets—of Paris

The Drone Champions League brought its fast and most agile flying machines to the streets of Paris on Sunday, June 4.

Thirty-six competitors maneuvered through an obstacle course that included a 600-yard tunnel under the Arc de Triomphe.

Drone racers sit stationary, wearing virtual reality headsets linked to cameras in the drones. They have to negotiate obstacles in three dimensions, at speeds reaching nearly 90 mph. Crashes are common.

Niklas Solle of Team Flyduino KISS Racing beat the favorite, teammate Lucas Wahl.

“I’m just really happy about how it went and it’s an amazing event with a lot of people and we didn’t expect to win but we did, so we’re just really, really happy,” said an excited Solle after the event.

Paris was the season opener. The league has five more events scheduled, ending with Berlin in December.