Singer: Shen Yun ‘Just rings to my heart and everyone that I know’


Deeply touched by the performance of Shen Yun Performing Arts in Mesa, Arizona on March 21, singer Debbie West Coon shared that Shen Yun “rings to my heart.”

“It just made everything so real, how blessed we are here. ”

Ms. Coon shared how the performance made her feel and expanded on the themes that she saw in Shen Yun, a New York-based classical Chinese dance and music company that aims to revive China’s millennia-old culture.

“It just rings to my heart and everyone that I know. I think we all need to have love and tolerance. We all are children of one God and we need to choose over the evil. All of us together just need to come together. One in heart and soul and to strive to be divine. Strive. Just love one another; and this show just brings that out.”

Feeling inspired by the show, Ms. Coon said she would be back next year.

“It’s modest. It’s clean and very uplifting. I was inspired, and moved, and I’ve learned something here. So, thank you [Shen Yun]. I’m going to come back next year. Don’t want to miss it.”

David Zhang and Anton Jiang, NTD News, in Mesa, Arizona contributed to this report.