Dine at the Michelin 3-Star Cantonese Restaurant One of 4 in the World

Hong Kong, a tightly packed metropolis, has a whopping 14,000 restaurants! Hard to pick one? Go around and explore. You are bound to find something you like. Or you could just follow me. Let’s take a look at one of Hong Kong’s most high-end restaurants!

So far, there are only 4 Cantonese-style Chinese restaurants in the whole world that have received Michelin 3-stars. This piqued my curiosity even more about what makes this restaurant so special that it received recognition by the most authoritative voice on fine dining in the world.

The impression of “Tang Court” at Langham Hotels & Resorts is its elegant interior décor reminiscent of the golden age of China—the Tang dynasty…

We were very fortunate to run into head cook Chef Kwong Wai Keung…

I was surprised to discover for myself that such a renowned chef was in fact very fun to talk to and very humble and easygoing.

“I cook every single day. And if you were to ask me to work in an office, doing paperwork, working with computer or iPad, that wouldn’t interest me at all. But I love being a chef. And if I cook something and it tastes really good, it gives me a sense of satisfaction,” Chef Kwong said.

Hyesoo: What’s the most important thing you tell your team in the kitchen?

Chef Kwong: I always tell them: “Do more work, and put your heart into it. At first, you won’t be good at it, that’s for sure because you won’t be able to grasp the finer skills. It’s like when you take photographs. At first, you only take mediocre ones. With practice, you will learn to capture the finer moments”,”The other thing I feel is really important is you have to ensure that the ingredients you use are healthy. Don’t add unnecessary things.”

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