Slim & De-Puff Your Face With These Facial Massage Techniques

We’ve all had those days where we wake up and our face just resembles a donut – round, slightly puffy and sweet (tehe). It leaves us questioning, what actually causes the bloating and swelling? The two major reasons are:

  ♦ Poor Diet – Whatever you put into your body it what will come out, and a lot of the time this means how we look. If you don’t eat a balanced diet and lack nutrients that your body requires, this can result in a bloated face. In particular, an excess of carbohydrates, fats, and salt can cause this puffiness on the face.

  ♦ Facial Fluids – Face fat doesn’t refer to people who are overweight. Each person will collect and store fat in different areas of the body, so naturally, some people will accumulate more fat on the cheek and chin areas.

Besides the two reasons stated above, lack of water consumed, excess alcohol intake and hypothyroidism can also be the reason for puffiness.

We’re going to show you how just a few minutes of facial massage a day can help reduce puffiness, enhance the texture of your skin and reduce wrinkles with just a few drops of essential oil and your own two hands in your own home. Check out the easy steps below!

1. Lymphatic Nodes

To target facial fluids building up in areas of the face, lymphatic drainage is used. Lymph nodes are located throughout the body with the largest groupings found in the neck, armpit and groin area. They help the body regulate fats, dispose of bacteria and send white blood cells to heal damaged areas.

The lymph node is where all the toxins from the face are drained from. Sometimes they can get congested and this is when pains and bloating can occur, so we must activate them.

It’s located where the earlobe meets the end of the jawline.

Start by warming this lymph node up by applying moderate pressure onto the area and circle lightly. Continue for 15-20 seconds.

Using essential oils topically on lymph nodes will help the body stimulate drainage.

2. Chin 

The chin is where the buildup of toxins can result in a double chin effect. To open up all the lymph paths along the chin, use your index and middle finger to make a claw (refer to picture below). From the tip of the chin, firmly run the two fingers along the jawline, pressing firmly.

Repeat 3 times, and drain down from the lymph node down the neck to the clavicle (collarbone).

Now you want to move all the muscles on the face upwards. Starting at the chin, use tiny circular motions and massage your way up the jawline towards the ear. 

Keep in mind you’re not moving the skin, you’re actually moving the muscles under the skin. Once again, direct the toxins through the lymph node and down the neck.

3. Cheeks 

Puffy cheeks can give a youthful look, but bloating can easily happen in these areas (especially after consuming lots of salt).

First, press on the pressure points on either side of your nose, and then sweep up your cheek towards the ears.

Then, using one hand cup the side of one cheek and with the other hand, direct the hand diagonally towards the inner corner of the eye, and sweep across the face. This will direct all the toxins in the face to the lymph nodes. Drain.

Repeat on both sides.

4. Mouth 

From the center of the chin, press and slide fingers around the mouth to the philtrum (between the nose and the upper lip). 

Firmly press against the gum as you do this. Repeat three times.


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