3 Simple Techniques to Get Rid of Your Double Chin

Oh the dreaded, double chin… Funnily enough, no matter how self-deprecating our alleged double chins, the reasons are not always because we are too ‘fat’ or ‘chubby’. Some people are also more genetically inclined to develop a double chin or gain weight easily. The musculous mylohyoideus is the muscle underneath your chin and as you get older it can lose its elasticity.

There are two major possible causes of double chin:

  • Weight Gain – diet is the more obvious reason as an excess intake of calories can build up and store in the facial areas, particularly chin and cheeks. The chin can store toxins and fats and therefore plumps up.
  • Weakened Muscles – the chin and jaw muscles need to be worked just like any muscle in your body. It can be as simple as chewing more on your food. A double chin can form if the muscles aren’t being utilized enough and will therefore start to sag or droop.

Before you start amping up your exercise routine and trying to get that chiseled chin, we recommend doing these 3 easy steps to activate the muscles and redirect the toxins from the jaw and chin area that can cause that undesired plump effect.

Apply Facial Oil or Moisturizer 

Apply some of your favorite body or facial oil or moisturizer on your jawline and neck. This will make sure the skin is prepped and when doing the following steps, will not tug and drag at the skin (which can cause premature sagging). Stroking gently downwards on the ear to the neck will also get the lymph node under the ear activated.

1. Pinch 

Gently pinch the jaw line with the thumb and index finger. You can either start from the tip of the chin and make up way up towards the end of the jaw, or go from the left side to the right.

2. Slide 

Use your thumb as an anchor and place it in the lymph node under the earlobe and at the end of the jawline. Use your index finger and stroke under the jaw from the tip of the chin to meet the thumb at the end of jaw. Repeat three times, then run hands down the neck to the clavicle (collarbone).

3. Push 

Place palms under the chin and gently life the jawline towards the ears from the chin. Then gently caress the palms down the neck to the clavicle. This directs the toxins from the chin and directs it to the lymph nodes to then drain down.

You can use these three simple steps everyday to reduce swelling and puffiness – it’s so easy!