7 Hacks to Nail Your Manicure Each Time

Nail Polish Alternatives

Want to do your nails but don’t have nail polish on hand? Lipstick and eyeshadow could double as pigment for your nails in moments of desperation.

Yes, it works. And yes, emphasis on the “in moments of desperation.” It may indeed take less time to walk down to the store and pick up new polish but c’mon live a little doesn’t this sound fun.


1) Use a brush to apply your favorite shade of lipstick onto your nails.

2) Apply top coat, let dry, voilà!


1) Pick your favorite color(s)

2) Mix into top coat

3) Apply

4) Yay!

Flawless Application

Use temporary hair spray as nail polish is arguably one of the easiest ways to do your nails (this one was our favorite). May seem a bit silly but don’t knock it till you try it! It’s super effective AND efficient. Lazy girl’s new best friend, heyyyy.

1) Spray nails with desired color of temporary hair color—we choose red because bold; let it dry

2) Apply top coat, let it dry

3) Wash hands in soap water

4) Magic

Perfect French Tip

Tape for french nails may be tried but it’s definitely true. If this is one of those things you’ve seen everywhere and have been meaning to try but haven’t, this is your sign. Give it a try. 🙂

1) Apply tape to nails, apply nail polish to tip of nails

2) Beautiful

Non-Stained Nails

Love dark nail polish but hate how it stains your cuticles and gets EVERYWHERE? We do too.

1) Coat your fingers with a generous layer of thick hand moisturizer

2) Hold a cotton pad with nail polish remover on your nail for 1-2 minutes, wipe off polish

3) Results

Nail Polish That Doesn’t Peel Off

Wondering why your nail polish falls off within a day or two? Our nails naturally produce oil, and oil prevents nail polish from properly adhering to our nails.

1) Use nail polish remover to gently wipe nails before applying polish

2) Apply polish

Perfect Nails

1) Gently dab oil around your nails (make sure you don’t get any oil on your nails or else polish won’t stick)

2) Apply polish

3) Rub/gently scratch off polish that got on your skin