This Squishy Black Ball Cleanses Your Face!

If you think charcoal was only used for sketching portraits, think again my friend! The beauty benefits of charcoal in skincare is abundant and can be seen in cleansers, masks and even toothpaste!

Charcoal has the power to absorb thousands of times it’s own mass in harmful substances, which is why it’s such a popular ingredient in skincare products. Activated charcoals draws out sebum, bacteria, dirt and other harmful substances from the skin. This helps your po

res be thoroughly cleansed. For anyone out there for combination and/or oily skin, charcoal is your next best friend!

We found a charcoal cleanser that comes in a wobbly jelly-like sphere ball!

This cleanser is developed by popular skincare brand, Boscia. According to Boscia’s director of product development, Michelle Fry, the cleanser is designed in the sphere shape to provide a more concentrated cleanse to the face. It essentially moulds into the curvatures of your face, especially the T-zones areas that are prone to breakouts.


After adding some water, it will instantly start to lather with white foam around the ball. You can either keep rubbing the ball in between your hands to create more foam and then wash the face, or, you can apply the charcoal ball directly onto the face and use it like a jelly sponge.

After drying, the face did feel very clean, taut and brighter. It successfully removed all the makeup on the face – very impressive!

Check it out for yourself below!