Your closest experience to sleeping in a spaceship is here

Does sleeping in a spaceship sound like an out-of-this-world experience to you? It’s actually not as farfetched as you may imagine, Met A Space Pod in Singapore is a space-themed hostel that offers to fulfill you space-captain dreams. They have a 36-room location in Boat Quay, Singapore, home to vibrant nightlife and amazing river views overlooking Marina Bay Sands.

A newer 35-room branch opened in the culturally-rich Little India. These are currently the only 2 locations offering space-themed accommodation in Singapore.

The co-owners opened the hostel based on their passion in sci-fi movies including Star Trek and Star Wars. If you are also a fan, this might just be the perfect accommodation for you when you visit Singapore.

Inside the space capsules, you’ll find a TV, a table, and even a safe. There are also living essentials including high-quality towels, pillows, a universal electric socket, and a headphone plug. You can adjust the air condition and light intensity to your comfort. Amenities include free Wi-Fi access and a common lounge area with a TV. Activate the “spaceship” with a keycard and enjoy complete privacy.

Are you ready to embark on your private spaceship? If you are in the mood of feeling like a space captain, this spaceship pod is waiting for you. It only costs a fraction of a real spaceship at an average price of USD$25-60 per night.

Watch the video below for a glimpse of this unique space capsule!