Audience Member is Touched by Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra


Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra performed at Carnegie Hall in New York City on Oct. 15, 2017. Members from the audience provided interviews after the show, expressing their feelings. 

Joanna Pruess, an Award-winning food and travel writer said, “It’s exhilarating. It’s very exciting. There’s a lot of enthusiasm. It’s very professional. And I was amazed at the music. First of all, to intersperse it with European music is wonderful. But you see there is a lot of continuity. … It’s very dramatic and it’s very exciting.”

“[The vocal soloist, tenor Tian Ge] is very talented. … I thought it was beautiful.”

Tian Ge is the Gold Prize winner of the All-China Music Competition (2004), the winner of the Northern California Olympic Arts Festival Vocal Competition (1998), recipient of the Best Musician Award from Armstrong Atlantic State University (1999), and second place winner in New Tang Dynasty Television’s 2008 and 2010 International Chinese Vocal Competitions. He has been with Shen Yun since 2008. He is a former member of Opera San Jose, and sang lead roles in operas such as Madama Butterfly and Rigoletto.

Maximo D’oleo, a Doctor from Mount Sinai Hospital, also spoke on the tenor’s performance, “The lyrics were beautiful. His expression, also especially the last part, and how strong, he said that you have to fulfill your mission.”

Others were also moved by the mere presence of the performers. They seem to carry with them a mysterious quality that evokes deep emotions in their viewers.

Andrea Decker, a high school teacher said, “The moment the orchestra walked out, I just started tearing up so, I can’t explain it. It was a moving movement.”

Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra is known for its unique mix of Eastern and Western musical traditions and instruments.

Classical pianist, Marta Tereshchenko said, “Very very interesting, very pleasant, very educational, very very spiritual, high quality. … I would say philosophy that penetrates and embrace[s] all the cultures by the way.”

“Any good music is elevating, but the Chinese music of this kind that I heard today is more than elevating. It just cleans your mind, you know, it brings you good spirits, it brings you cleanness—like you eat organic food. This music is the most organic food for the brain.”

Other audience members remarked on the peace of mind and transformational experience of the show.

Howard Kuperman, a Ford dealership owner said, “It was very relaxing. It put my mind at ease and took all the stress that I have during the day, and it just released it off my shoulders. I couldn’t have asked for a more enjoyable experience.”

Sayan Sarkar, the CEO of Invigorated NOW said, “Can’t even explain it. It was so great, like her voice, everything about it. It just like, it made me feel something inside, like I just felt this thing come inside me, could not explain it.”

“Everything was just superb. I could not have asked for a more enjoyable experience. I would recommend anyone interested in a cultural experience of the music that they offer to come and enjoy it.”

Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra started as an accompaniment to the dance performances in Shen Yun Performing Arts. The orchestra has been performing solo since 2012, when it debuted at Carnegie Hall in New York.

NTD News, New York contributed to this article.