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Mochi is the hot new dessert that’s taking over the freezer aisle—this is how you make it at home

Refreshing and delightful dessert with your favorite fruit wrapped in soft mochi shell.


125g glutinous rice flour
40g corn starch
65g sugar
50g hot water
150g milk
50g butter
125g heavy cream
10g powdered sugar
150g glutinous rice flour
6 strawberries, cleaned
Mango cubed
Kiwi cubed


1. Making dusting flour. In a frying pan, roast 150g glutinous rice flour at low heat, stir constantly till flour is fully cooked.

2. In a large mixing bowl, add hot water and sugar,whisking until sugar is dissolved, add milk, food coloring, cornstarch, 125g glutinous rice flour, mix until smooth. Pour mixture through a mesh strainer into a bowl. steam for 30 minutes. Fold in 50g melted butter, make a dough and wrap in plastic.

3. In a large bowl, beat heavy cream and sugar until right texture. Prepare fruits.

4. Roll dough into 2 inch diameter cylinder, cut into about 1 inch length small cylinder pieces.

5. Roll each small pieces into thin round wrapper. Place cream and fruit in the center of wrapper. Pinching the wrapper shut at the top to seal it, rolling in between palm to form a ball.