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Governor Supports 11-Year-Old Who Wants to Give Arizona an Official State Dinosaur

An 11-year-old in Arizona wants the state to have an official dinosaur, and the governor supports the plan.

Jax Weldon did some research and discovered that while some states in America have an official dinosaur, Arizona does not.

The young lad became determined to change that.

“I just thought, ‘why not? What’s wrong with this?'” said Jax, reported Fox10.

Gov. Doug Ducey is on board, and even met with the 11-year-old.

And other state officials introduced a bill to the Senate, which has received 29 out of 30 signatures.

Debbie Voris, Jax’s teacher, says she’s proud of her student.

“It makes me really proud to have a student who is so inquisitive and bright and loves what he does, and is fearless to go forth and do it,” said Voris. “Think about it. He talked to the Governor. That shows good self-confidence, and I love that.”