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Is Facebook Listening In on Your Conversations?

We all know that companies track us online through cookies and some even track us through our cell phones in stores or through apps. But what if companies were also tracking the conversations that we have offline?

Undercover reporters for Project Veritas got employees at Twitter to admit they read people’s direct messages, which many people assume are private.

Could Facebook be doing this, but in an even more invasive way?

Some people have had experiences that will make you wonder.

Bruce Schneier, author of the book “Data and Goliath,” said in an interview with Mic that Facebook already knows the most intimate details of our life.

“Facebook can predict race, personality, sexual orientation, political ideology, relationship status and drug use on the basis of ‘likes’ alone,” he said. “The company knows you’re engaged before you announce it … and its postings may reveal that to other people without your knowledge or permission.”