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Chinese Hakka Rice Dumpling Making

The ancestral homes of Taiwan’s Hakka people are in Fujian, Shanxi and other Chinese provinces. Their staple food is rice.

Life used to be tough for the Hakkas. Frugal by nature, Hakka people took glutinous rice cakes with them when they went into the mountains to work.

The glutinous rice cakes evolved to become the present-day vegetable buns, and they come in many flavors.  The main ingredients for making vegetable buns are: glutinous rice, shredded pork, small shrimp, white radish, and shiitake mushrooms, etc. Speaking of white radish, the Hakkas plant them in rice fields right after harvesting rice crops and tilling soil, so the farmland wouldn’t go to waste.

The wrappers of Hakka vegetable buns are made from glutinous rice and Penglai rice, and differ from regular buns made from flour.

Elderly Hakkas love making vegetable buns for Lunar New Year. They have thin wrappers, lots of filling inside, and taste delicious!

The Lunar New Year is almost here!  This family is making Hakka vegetable buns . The younger generation is learning this tradition from older Hakka people

New Year is even more memorable ! If families make their own New Year’s feast!  We wish you a Happy Lunar New Year!


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