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Siberian Husky fails miserably at the ‘Golden Retriever Egg Challenge’

The latest in an endless string of internet challenge videos, the Golden Retriever Egg Challenge is the latest to go viral.

It’s so popular, even other dog breeds are entering. The owner of this Siberian husky quickly finds out that not all dogs can copy the success of the original challenge video.

The husky makes quick work of the egg, and its challenge hopes. The video has just about the opposite effect of the original Golden Retriever Egg Challenge, posted by dog owners from Michigan who were answering a challenge they found on Facebook, according to NBC 4.

The golden retriever owners decided that their dog would enter the challenge after they heard golden retrievers can hold an egg in their jaw without leaving a crack, NBC 4 reported

However, Doctor Paula Parker, the president of the Australian Veterinary Association warned against participating in the challenge.

“Placing a raw egg (in the shell) in a dog’s mouth is a health risk. It is choking hazard as the egg may become lodged in the dog’s throat,” she told BuzzFeed.

There is also a risk of your dog contracting a salmonella infection.