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Is This the Worst Road in Detroit?

Potholes can be a driver’s worst nightmare.

Crater-filled roads are common in the Detroit area. Some say Mound Road is the worst. But is it?

The four-lane road from 696 to 13 Mile has been a major problem with a dire need for repair, reported Fox 2.

“On a 1 to 10 with 10 being the worst, they’re the worst,” Macomb County Maintenance Supervisor Leo Ciavatta told the news station.

Driver Darlene Todd said the potholes are damaging to cars.

“Unless you drive a huge truck, your car is going to be destroyed and you will need a new front end,” she told Fox 2.

Ciavatta said it may take until the end of the winter season before the road can be fixed as it is difficult to spread hot asphalt in cold weather.