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Romanian Singers Make History Performing 328 Feet Underground

Romanian singers have made history by performing 328 feet (100 meters) underground.

The former salt mine in Cluj County, Romania, was transformed when over 20 tonnes of stage equipment was set up for the fourth semi-final of Romania’s Eurovision 2018 on Feb. 12.

Twelve Eurovision candidates competed for three entry spots in the Romanian final which will be held in Bucharest on Feb. 25.

“I have heard it’s big, but it’s more than huge,” said musician Tiri of the old transformed mine. Tiri managed to secure his place in the finals competition.

“[S]inging here was an honour, I think, because not many people had this opportunity to sing in a salt mine and I have heard it’s the most beautiful in Europe, or probably in the world,” he added.

The underground structure was used to extract table salt for hundreds of years prior to it closing in 1932. It was reopened 60 years later and attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors annually.