Spirituality in Shen Yun Resonates With Audience


If you live in a major city, you may have seen a poster with a Chinese woman leaping through the air and the caption ‘’Shen Yun—5,000 years of civilization reborn,’ under it. The posters are for New York-based Shen Yun Performing Arts, a classical Chinese dance and music company.

‘‘We certainly did appreciate the colors, the dance, the culture, and that sharing was phenomenal. It was just great,’’ said Tom Zastudil, a talent manager at Lubrizol Corporation.

Mr. Zastudil was amazed by the beauty of the performance, which he saw at Cleveland’s State Theatre on Feb. 3.

‘‘Not everybody could do that. Those dancers were so talented and so wonderful that I thought they were just so gifted and it made the show. I mean it was just phenomenal. We really enjoyed it,’’ he said.

According to the Shen Yun website, the performance is imbued with the values of Chinese culture, which the Chinese traditionally held as semidivine.

‘‘I thought there was so much similarity amongst different cultures when I was listening to the song from a spiritual standpoint,’’ said Greg Naples, senior vice president at The Naples Wealth Management Group at Morgan Stanley.

Mr. Zastudil said it made him reflect on his own life.

“The synergy of the words and the music couldn’t have been better. It just melts you and comes together, and it really gives you a period of self-reflection sitting there and watching that. Certainly I begin to think of my future as it relates to where I am in my own life right now, so it was great,’’ Mr. Zastudil said.

NTD News, Cleveland, Ohio