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Dutch Speed Skater Kjeld Nuis Reaches 93 Kph in Sweden

Olympic champion, Kjeld Nuis, reached 93 kph (57.8 mph) skating along a track in Lulea, Sweden on March 28.

Kjeld was protected from the wind by an aero shield, driven by Swedish racing driver Mikaela Ahlin-Kottiulinsk.

Having won Olympic Gold in both 1000 and 1500 meter events in South Korea, this has been one of Kjeld’s more challenging feats.

“It’s really hard especially if you come above 80 kph your skate is like flying above the ice, it’s slippery and I really need the focus to control myself, control my skates, to keep the speed, and 93 kph is [expletive] amazing,” said Kjeld Nuis.

Swedish racing driver Mikaela Ahlin-Kottulinsk was driving the car towing the aero shield.

“It was a bit challenging, in the end when we got up to higher speeds. Of course the air catcher is then drawing me backwards and I was really trying to handle the car, so it took some skills honestly, to keep it straight, not to get the air catcher to move too much or that everything would be safe for Kjeld,” said Ahlin-Kottulinsk.

Former speed skater and World Champion Erben Wennemars tested the aero shield in a tunnel. The conditions were ideal.

“The ice track was good, the car was good, the aero shield was really good, and the skater was in top form and he really pushed himself as hard as he could do,” said Wennemars.


Credit: Red Bull Content Pool via AP