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Smash Stuff for Fun at the Rage Cage

A pop-up shop named the “Rage Cage” is inviting people to come by and smash stuff for fun.

The pop-up is located in North Philadelphia at the warehouse of Thunderbird Salvage.

The pop-up starts on Friday night, March 30.

Among the items visitors can smash are old televisions, printers, and plates.

Smashers can also bring anything they want to smash.

Visitors are given a bat, crowbar, or sledgehammer to work with, reported The Philadelphia Inquirer.

“I want to see if the idea holds up,” said Steph Irwin, the event planner at Thunderbird Salvage. “I’d like to do it more than once. It’s perfect because we get a lot of stuff that usually goes to the dump, but why not just smash it?”