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Study Finds Elderly People Can Grow As Many Brain Cells As Teenagers

A new study has found that elderly people can grow as many new brain cells as teenagers do.

The study was published on Thursday, April 5, in the journal “Cell Stem Cell.”

“When I went to medical school, they used to teach us that the brain stops making new cells,” said lead study author Dr. Maura Boldrini, a neurobiologist at Columbia University.

But Boldrini said that studies in mice showed that even the older mice could produce new nerve cells. When early studies on humans turned up similar results, Boldrini decided to pursue a brain’s cell production over the course of an entire human lifetime, reported Live Science.

Boldrini and her team found that older brains had as many new cells as younger ones, although they appeared to be making fewer new blood vessels, and not forming new connections between the cells as quickly.


Video Credit: GeoBeats