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Slackline Athletes Are Exploring Amazing Angles From Brazil

Slackline athletes in Brazil have been gaining international renown for performing feats in new and creative places.

Slacklining refers to the act of balancing on a taut line that’s attached to two different places. “Slacklining can be described as walking, balancing or doing various tricks on a line tensioned between two anchors (trees most often),” according to Slackline HiveFly.

Expert slackliners are able to perform daring feats such as flips before falling flat onto the five-centimeter-wide strap.

“Slackline originally came from climbing, but it’s evolved to be more like gymnastics,” Giovanna Petrucci, one of the most famous slackliners in Brazil, told The New York Times.

She added, “But it’s not gymnastics. In gymnastics they have a whole floor for tumbling. Slackline is just on a strip. It requires balance, focus and strength, especially core strength, and also a lot of creativity.”