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Visitors Take Bike Tour Through Taiwan in Times Square

An April 7 event allowed those in Times Square to escape to the Taiwanese countryside through a virtual reality (VR) bike tour. With the help of VR glasses, participants were able to explore three of Taiwan’s most famous natural landmarks.

VR bike riders experienced 360-degree views of Jiufen, Yehliu, and Sun Moon Lake.

Vasilisa Kosova was in Times Square that day and tried out the bike tour, put on by the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office.

“It’s very unusual. I mean, I’m in New York on Times Square and suddenly I’m in Taiwan. I see mountains, beautiful mountains, oceans, and I don’t want to take off my glasses to be honest. I just want to stay and keep going and keep going,” Kosova said

Another rider, who just gave his first name, Ganesh, was equally impressed with the ride.

“And just the biking makes you feel like more immersed into that space because as you bike, you’re moving through the scenery. So it’s a very interesting experience. You can see all around yourself, you can see the people,” he said

The Taiwanese cultural office hopes that the event will spur more tourists to visit the small Asian island.

With reporting by TingTing O

From The Epoch Times