Florida Man Attempts to Kill Wife From Behind Bars

By Zack Stieber

An inmate in Florida has been accused of offering money and food for a hitman to kill his ex-wife and her boyfriend.

Investigators in Tavares said that Michael Lee, 32, had created a “hit list” that was found by corrections officers at the Lake County Jail, reported Fox 35.

Lee offered another inmate $2,000 and food to kill Lee’s ex-wife and her boyfriend after the other inmate was released from prison.

“Food is currency there. They use it to gamble and purchase other things,” said Sgt. Fred Jones with the Lake County Sheriff’s Office.

The arrest report, obtained by The Orlando Sentinel, stated that Lee offered “20 meal trays” along with the money to the other inmate.

Before the inmate agreed to carry out the hits, Lee asked others if they’d be willing to, according to the arrest report.

The other inmate told officers that he never meant to go through with the hit.

“He said ‘I was using the guy. I took the trays.’ He did say, ‘He was going to pay me $2,000 once the hit was complete,’ but he said ‘I had no intention on following through with this,'” said Sgt. Jones.

Lee is in prison after being accused of stalking and making threats towards his former wife, deputies said. He had violated probation from a 2016 domestic battery conviction involving the ex.

He was originally slated to be released next week but now will remain in prison to face a new charge of criminal solicitation for murder.


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