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Brett Favre Says He May Have Suffered ‘Thousands’ of Concussions

NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre said that he may have suffered “thousands” concussions during his 20-season career.

“But as we’re learning about concussions,” he said on the “Megyn Kelly Today” show. “There’s a term we use in football and maybe other sports, that I got ‘dinged.’ When you have ringing of the ears, seeing stars, that is a concussion.”

“If that’s a concussion, then I’ve had hundreds, probably thousands, throughout my career, which is frightening.”

The former Green Bay Packer added that he’s worried about developing chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) as he gets older, The Associated Press reported.

“My football career has meant a great deal to me and has provided a lot of things, a lot of joy not only for me, but for my family,” Favre said. “Now, my family doesn’t have to face the physical problems that could potentially arise, or the mental problems that could, but they are directly associated with me in that regard. It’s kind of a blessing and a curse.”