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Mark Hamill ‘Loves’ The Ending Of ‘The Last Jedi’

Mark Hamill absolutely loved the ending of “Star Wars: The Last Jedi,” and said he believed that the film’s overall message was that anyone can be special.

“What I love particularly was―and they didn’t have to do this because the movie’s over―all of a sudden you cut to the stable and there’s that little boy, he puts out his hand and the broom comes to him,” Hamill told Games Radar.

“It’s so subtle, the first time I saw it I thought he just took it, but if you look he puts his hand out and it moves over for him, implying that yeah, she’s [Rey’s] the last Jedi… until the next Jedi. It’ll go on forever, believe me. Long after both of us are gone they’ll be making these films from here into eternity.”

Hamill also said he’s fine not appearing in any more “Star Wars” films.

Video Credit: Wochit Postables