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California Boy Youngest Ever to Receive Life-Saving Mini Heart Pump

A California boy became the youngest person in the country to receive an Impella heart pump.

Adolfo Ledesma needed it after he came down with a cold that attacked his heart muscles. The 10-year-old boy ended up having to be airlifted to the hospital.

“His heart function was very low,” Dr. Amy Rahm, an assistant professor of pediatric cardiac surgery, told Fox 40. “We knew that we were on borrowed time.”

Adolfo’s father thought that his son had the common flu and that he’d overcome it quickly, but that didn’t happen. Instead, Adolfo’s cold symptoms grew into headaches and a lack of energy, according to Fox 40.

“It’s not common at all, but when it does happen it is life-threatening,” Rahm told.

According to Goshen News, Impella is the world’s smallest heart pump. It stabilizes the patient and allows the heart to pump blood regularly while doctors perform needed procedures.