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Underwater Drones in the Gulf of Mexico Make Incredible Shipwreck Discoveries

Researchers at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration are exploring shipwrecks in the uncharted waters of the deepest parts of the Gulf of Mexico, delivering stunning, never-before-seen footage.

Using remote-operated submersibles to investigate a number of shipwrecks, researchers have been able to uncover shipwrecks thousands of feet underwater in the least-explored parts of the Gulf of Mexico.

Rich sea life has taken over these vessels. Octopuses, fish, crabs, and sea plants cover ships, boats, and a submarine. Different aspects of the vessels also give insight into the technology in use during different eras.

A German submarine, the only one to attack ships near U.S. shores during World War II, is among the finds. A tugboat that went down in a storm in the 1960s, and a subsequent successful rescue mission, was also discovered, according to Business Insider.