Company CEO Finds Deeper Meaning Behind Shen Yun


Sometimes life can feel repetitive, going through the similar motions every day, it can be easy to question one’s purpose and seek inspiration. After watching Shen Yun in in Breda, Netherlands, Nienke Thurlings, CEO of Jong Burnout finds it to be more than just entertainment.

“I loved it. It was amazing. It really touched my heart. I was even crying at certain moments. Because I think it taps into—really deeply—human experiences,” said Thurlings. “We all search that deeper meaning of life—and I think this performance really portrayed that.”

“In my perception, its both tapping into your own king or queen that lives inside, and that has that higher connection with whatever you want to call it,” she added.

Classical Chinese dance is rooted in 5,000 years of Chinese civilization, during which people believed their culture was a gift from gods.

According to its website, China’s cultural traditions are contained in classical Chinese dance, allowing its movements to be expressive, such that the personalities and feelings of characters can be portrayed clearly.

“It felt that it was in every bit of the performance [was impressive]. It was in the decor, it was in the synchronicity of the dancers. I felt they really expressed from the heart through the choregraphy. And then of course the tales—it was divine in every sense.”

“I believe we all come from our soul first, and from there our heart, our mind, and our bodies. And those three really need to work in accordance with each other to express the soul. And if we don’t have that connection, we don’t listen to our body and if we don’t let our heart become the captain of our lives then the mind takes over. And (then) we are being led astray,” said Thurlings, “We need more of this [Shen Yun] in our lives I feel. I’m very happy to see it in a performance in a theatre.”

NTD News, Breda, Netherlands