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Video Showing Puppy Doing Something Unusual Goes Viral

A puppy in Indiana doesn’t seem to get what her water bowl is for, based on a video shared on Twitter by her owner.

Julia DeWolf shared a video of her 6-month-old dog, Margo, blowing bubbles in her water bowl.

“This is my dog Margo. She doesn’t drink the water from her bowl but instead blows bubbles in it,” she wrote. She told Storyful Margo’s new hobby has been going on about a month.

“We always noticed her face would be soaking wet after she drank water, and it wasn’t until we payed [sic] closer attention that we realized she was actually blowing bubbles,” she wrote.

The footage has received tens of thousands of views and hundreds of retweets.

Video Credit: Julia DeWolf via Storyful