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A Family Photo Was Left on the Moon 46 Years Ago

There is a family photo on the surface of the moon, and it was placed there by astronauts.

The family portrait has been on the moon for more than 40 years, according to the Daily Mail. Astronaut Charles Duke, who traveled there in April 1972 on Apollo 16, placed the portrait of his family there.

“This is the family of Astronaut Duke from Planet Earth. Landed on the Moon, April 1972,” it reads.

“I’d always planned to leave it on the moon,” Duke later told Business Insider. “So when I dropped it, it was just to show the kids that I really did leave it on the moon.”

Duke said that the photo likely isn’t in that great of shape after 46 years.

“After 43 years, the temperature of the moon every month goes up to 400 degrees [Fahrenheit] in our landing area and at night it drops almost absolute zero,” Duke told Business Insider. “Shrink wrap doesn’t turn out too well in those temperatures. It looked OK when I dropped it, but I never looked at it again and I would imagine it’s all faded out by now.”