Little Girl Was Terrified After Being Stopped By Police — But What She Did Next Was Unexpected

By Janita Kan

A young girl from New Zealand has handwritten a heartwarming letter to police thanking them for catching “drunk people.” Officers were touched by the little girl’s touching message and couldn’t help but reply.

Madison and her mother were travelling in a car when they were stopped for a random breath test. The little girl admitted that she was scared at first but that quickly changed when her mother told her the police were just “catching the drunk people.”

“Tonight I went through a breath test with my mum and I was scared at first, but my mum told me that you all are catching the drunk people,” Madison wrote in her letter.

“I just wanted to thank you for helping everybody because a few weeks ago my dad was crashed into by a drunk lady. Lucky he was ok!

“Thank you for standing out in the cold.”

We love this letter, thanks so much Madison!

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Officers from Auckland Police and Counties Manukau Police were so touched by the letter that they posted it to social media and penned their reply to the little girl.

In the letter, they praised Madison for her handwriting and spelling, and reassured her that they were not too cold that night.

“Thank you very much for your lovely words! We appreciate it very much,” the constable wrote.

“Your handwriting is beautiful and I am very impressed with your spelling … I wish my handwriting was as pretty as yours.

“I am sorry that the officer initially gave you a bit of a fright, but your Mum is correct! We do try and stop drunk people from driving in order to keep them safe, as well as other people on the road like you and your family.

“I am sorry to hear your Dad was in an accident but pleased he is ok. It is good to remember that we can all make mistakes, but it is what we learn from them and how we act afterwards that shows what type of person we really are.”

The constable added that they were not cold that night because they were wearing merino jumpers with jackets.

“We will always go into the cold if it means we have to keep people safe. Plus we get to meet lovely people like yourself and your family which makes it really fun.”

Many social media users were also touched by the two heartfelt letters.

“Love this! So important to remind children (and adults, too) that the police are here to protect us, and we shouldn’t be afraid of you. Plus, if you don’t break the law, there’s nothing to worry about, ha!” one social media user said.

“What an amazing letter I agree thank you @newzealandpolice for standing out in the cold and catching all the drunk people driving,” another social media user said.

Counties Manukau Police said on their Facebook post that Madison’s letter reminded them of an important lesson — “be kind to one another! Something as small as saying thank you can truly make someone’s day!”

They challenged the community to go out and do a good deed for someone close.


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