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First of Oakland’s Homeless Population Experiences City’s New Way to Get Them Off the Streets

Dennis Young spent his first night sleeping in a “tuff shed” Thursday. While it may lack luxury, he said it beats where he has been sleeping the past few months–his car.

Now Young is happy that his new home offers him a chance to get back on his feet and improve his living situation further in the future.

Moving homeless residents into tuff sheds is Oakland’s attempt to reduce the number of the city’s homeless encampments and remove homeless people from the streets.

“The entire idea is to help more people off the street into safety and services, then get them on a path to self-sufficiency,” said Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf, via KTVU.

Not all of Oakland’s homeless residents welcome the idea of living in sheds.

“Some might look at it as more secure. I see it as more confined. Barbed wire. More rules. More regulations,” said Thomas Walonen, via KTVU.

Nonetheless, Oakland’s city government plans to move forward with the new living arrangement for the city’s homeless.

“After a certain amount of time we will make people move. That invitation area then becomes a no camping area. And we will continue to enforce that once we have cleaned the area,” said Schaaf.