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Helicopter Evacuates 83-Year-Old From Cruise Ship 160 Miles Off Coast

The U.S. Coast Guard rescued an elderly passenger from a cruise ship that was 160 miles off the coast of North Carolina.

The 83-year-old woman that was hoisted off the deck on Friday into a hovering helicopter was suffering from an unknown condition.

“Our main priority during emergencies like these is to reach the person as quickly as possible and deliver them to higher care,” said Lt. j.g. Catherine Taylor Pravia, operations unit controller for the case, in a statement obtained by the Asbury Park Press. “Our thoughts are with this patient and her family, and we wish her a speedy recovery.”

The Royal Caribbean cruise ship was on its way home to New Jersey after a 10-day voyage to the Caribbean.


Video Credit: U.S. Coast Guard District 5 via Storyful