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Video Shows Lava Eruptions From Hawaii Volcano

The United States Geological Survey released a new video showing lava spewing from the Kilauea volcano.

In its latest update, the survey said that the volcano alert level is “warning” and the current color code is “red.”

“Moderate-level eruption of lava continues from multiple points along the central and northeast end of the active fissure system,” the federal agency said.

Spattering is continuing from multiple fissures while lava flows are still erupting from some of those fissures.

“Volcanic gas emissions remain elevated throughout the area downwind of the vents,” the agency added.

“This eruption is still evolving and additional outbreaks of lava are possible. Ground deformation continues and seismicity remains elevated in the area. Future outbreaks could occur both uprift (southwest) and downrift (northeast) of the existing fissures, or, existing fissures can be reactivated. Communities downslope of these fissures could be at risk from lava inundation. Activity can change rapidly.”

Video Credit: USGS via GeoBeats