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US Police Identify Gunman From Oklahoma Restaurant Shooting

OKLAHOMA CITY, Oklahoma—Police say the man suspected of shooting three people inside an Oklahoma City restaurant had no criminal record or connection to the victims or the restaurant.

Police say 28-year-old Alexander Tilghman opened fire inside Louie’s On The Lake late around 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, May 24, shooting and wounding a woman and two girls. An unarmed man broke his arm while trying to flee.

Tilghman was later shot dead by two bystanders outside.

All four victims were in good condition Friday, according to police.

Oklahoma City Police Captain, Bo Mathews said during a news conference Friday that Tilghman’s only interaction with local police was in 2003, during a domestic assault and battery when Tilghman was 13.

Mathews praised the two citizens who retrieved firearms from their vehicles and shot Tilghman outside the restaurant.

“They were able to shoot the suspect and put an end to a very dangerous situation,” Mathews said.

Mathews says the shooting appeared to be random, but noted that Tilghman drove to the restaurant and wore protective gear for his ears and eyes.

“It looked like his mind was made up that he was going to discharge his firearm once he got there,” Mathews said during a Friday news conference. Mathews stressed that the investigation was ongoing and confirmed that Tilghman’s mental health was being looked into.

Mathews said it’s unlikely either of the men, Juan Carlos Nazario and Bryan Whittle, will face criminal charges. Telephone and text messages left by The Associated Press seeking comment from the two men were not immediately returned Friday.

The Hal Smith Restaurant Group, which owns the restaurant, said the restaurant was closed Friday and counselors were available to employees and customers.

“We are extremely thankful the situation didn’t escalate further, and that injuries were not more widespread. However, our hearts are with the wounded during this incident,” the statement read.


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