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Caght On Camera: Baby Stroller Gets Obliterated By Passing Train

The UK’s Rail Safety and Standards Board is warning parents of the dangers involved in leaving baby strollers unlocked while on train platforms.

Authorities noted the potential consequences of leaving a stroller unattended and without brakes on, releasing CCTV footage from Nuneaton station late last year that shows a stroller drawn to the platform edge before being hit by a passing train.

No child was in the stroller at the time.

“The best way of keeping you, your children and your belongings safe is to keep hold of your pram, fully applying the brake where possible,” the Board’s Lead Human Factors Specialist Paul Leach said in a statement.

“We know that anyone looking after children will have their hands full and may feel they can’t keep an eye on everything and everyone at once. But the CCTV at Nuneaton shows just how important it is to keep control of a pushchair.”

Video Credit: GeoBeats