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Firefighter Saves Woman from SUV Right Before It Was Struck by Train

An off-duty firefighter who saved a woman from being hit by a train said that he ran outside his home after hearing a car crash.

The situation took place late last year on Long Island.

Janice Esposito was turning when another vehicle hit the passenger’s side of her vehicle, sending her car onto the tracks of the Long Island Rail Road.

Firefighter Pete DePinto Sr. rushed over and told her she was in danger.

“She said she had no idea where she was and I said, ‘You’re on the tracks—we gotta get you off now,'” DiPinto said. “I had no idea the train was coming at that moment.”

About 10 seconds after DiPinto pulled Esposito out of the car, a train slammed into the vehicle.

“It was an explosion, literally,” he said. “It was an explosion of twisted metal, smoke.”

Video Credit: Pix 11