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Illinois Firefighter Saves Elderly Couple from Carjacking

An Illinois firefighter was on the job when he scared off an armed suspect during a carjacking on Thursday, May 24.

Joey Matthews was in his fire engine with his co-workers on Thursday morning when he noticed a carjacking in progress. He quickly hopped out of his vehicle and started running towards the car.

The suspect saw Matthews and bolted away towards an alley. The firefighter kept chasing him.

Soon after, Matthews saw smoke and started smelling gunpowder, and realized that the suspect might have fired a gun. Eventually, Matthews lost sight of the suspect.

Matthews learned how dangerous the situation could have been since he was unarmed. He said his actions made him think of his heroic policeman dad who died in the line of duty when he was beaten to death by a mob.

The firefighter said his dad would have called him “an idiot for chasing a guy with a gun while I’m not armed.”

Fortunately, no one was hurt. The elderly couple who owns the car was thankful for Matthews efforts.

Cicero police are currently looking for the suspect.


Credit: Tribune – WGN – Chicago