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After Three Years, Sweet, Deaf Dog Is Still Waiting to Find Her Forever Home

A deaf dog in Maryland is still in a shelter after her arrival there three years ago.

Bella, 6, is a bulldog mix known as a very friendly dog but for some reason has been unable to find a permanent home.

“She doesn’t act like she’s deaf,” Lacie Heritage, animal placement coordinator for the Animal Welfare League of Queen Anne’s County, told The Dodo.

“She will do just about anything with a hand signal. She knows ‘sit’ really well, she knows ‘down,’ she knows ‘stay.’ She loves people, and she’s always looking at your face. So she watches for your cues to see how she’s doing,” said Heritage.

Bella was moved to the shelter after the PAWS shelter in Louisiana where she was living was hit with flooding.

Bella does bark a lot when she’s in her cage but Heritage said that’s likely due to her being deaf and being confused sometimes.