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Doctors Used Super Glue to Save Baby With Aneurysm

Five years ago, baby Ashlyn Julian was saved by doctors using an unorthodox treatment to stop the bleeding in her brain.

Ashlyn was rushed to hospital after suffering a seizure when she was around three weeks old. Doctors later discovered that she had a stroke and was bleeding in the brain due to a ruptured aneurysm, reported Fox 4.

Surgeons from University of Kansas Hospital worked on a plan to close the aneurysm. They decided against open-skull surgery, which was the usual procedure, due to the high risks involved, Fox 4 reported at the time.

Instead, doctors went ahead with an alternative approach, using surgical superglue to close the aneurysm—a method previously performed only on adults.

Because there were no surgical tools small enough to be used on the infant, surgeons used an ultra thin catheter, as wide as a strand of hair, to deliver the glue into the affected area in Ashlyn’s brain.

The landmark surgery was a success. One day later, Ashlyn was already showing signs of recovery. Scans conducted two years later showed that the glue had dissolved.

Aside from having some physical deficiencies from the stroke, Ashlyn is developing just like a normal 5-year-old.