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Custodian at NY Supreme Court Falls Down Stairs and Dies, Footage Reveals the Cause

A custodian at the Queens Supreme Court in New York City was allegedly drunk when she fell down a flight of stairs while at work in early May. The custodian died due to injuries from the fall.

Carolina Wilson, 50, started her shift at 9:30 p.m. on May 4.

Surveillance footage obtained by Pix 11 shows Wilson walking normally into work but two hours later, footage showed two other custodians wheeling Wilson into a private room to sober up, the broadcaster reported.

Around two hours later, Wilson fell down the stairs and broke her neck. She died at the hospital five days later.

Sources told Pix 11 that what happened isn’t shocking. “I’ve seen other DCAS workers drunk at work and the agency did nothing,” one said.

Christina Almonte, Wilson’s daughter said that the two men who wheeled Wilson into a room should have called 911.

“Whether or not she was drunk or was going to lose her job her life is worth more than a job,” Almonte said.

The Chief Leader reported that Wilson’s blood-alcohol level was “unusually high.”

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