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Raccoon Scaling Skyscraper Grips Internet

A raccoon scaling the side of a Minnesota skyscraper is gripping the online community.

Social media users were hanging onto every move of the furry Spiderman, which was seen climbing more than 20 stories of the UBS Tower in downtown St Paul on Tuesday, June 12.

The incident started on Tuesday morning when the raccoon was seen stranded on the ledge of another office building down the road.

Later that day, maintenance officers tried to get the raccoon to come down.

“The maintenance staff came out with some two-by-fours screwed together and pushed them up to the raccoon, thinking that he would run down the boards onto the street and escape,” Tim Nelson, a local radio reporter, told WCCO.

But the attempt backfired. Scared by the workers, the raccoon moved onwards and upwards.

Unphased by the height, the creature managed to climb almost to the top of the skyscraper, peaking at the 23rd floor outside the offices of Paige Donnelly law firm.

“He is on the ledge on our floor. He seems to be doing well,” the firm tweeted. “We all just have to keep our fingers crossed.”

According to the Associated Press, animal control officials placed a live trap on the building’s roof with some fragrant food as bait, hoping to lure it up.

Firefighters who arrived midday said they could not assist because it was too dangerous to attempt a rescue, as the windows of the building did not open, reported Minnesota Public Radio.

By nighttime, the hairy daredevil appeared to have started making a slow descent, reaching the 16th floor.

Around midnight local time, the raccoon was seen hovering around the 16th floor, leaving the internet to wait with baited breath for news of its safe arrival back to the ground.

To the delight of social media users, at around 2:50 a.m. local time, the raccoon made its way to the roof of the 25 story building after being stuck on the side of the skyscraper for about 17 hours, reported Pedestrian.