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How the CCP Blocks Falun Gong Online

Chao Yu (China Internet Observer): We see the Institute of Computing Technology is responsible for hardware, and the Software Institute for software, of course. Then what is “Institute of High Energy Physics” responsible for? It is good at grid computing and high-performance computing. By nature, the GFW is committed to surveillance-blocking. Surveillance means watching what is deemed abnormal. Take Falun Gong as an example. The CCP hates the group, also called Falun Dafa, to the bone, swearing to block it completely online. Then how do you block the words, say, Dafa? Since they also appear in Bei Da Fa Xue Yuan or Ren Da Fa Xue Yuan (respectively short for College of Law, Peking University, and College of Law, Renmin University, in English), you can’t block them blindly. An indiscriminate blockade will be mocked “OUT,” though the CCP is almost 90 years old. So you have to extract what is truly related to Falun Gong from a myriad of information. Then, an advanced algorithm will be involved, say, Bayesian algorithm, forecast, semantic analysis. Tremendous computing will be needed in mathematical theoretical algorithms, particularly grid computing and parallel computing. Its hardware is a cluster of Sugon servers produced by the Institute of Computing Technology. Much of its algorithm was grid computing, which was invented by the Institute of High Energy Physics in its study of nuclear weaponry. Now the algorithm was to be used to repress Falun Gong. That’s why the Institute of High Energy Physics joined in, as well as a good number of other universities related to Projects 985 and 211.