21-yr-old applies makeup for years—but one day, she decides not to hide her true self anymore

After spending hundreds of dollars on makeup every month to hide her skin condition, the young lady in this video is finally embracing her difference—and others are applauding her decision.

Mariah Perkins, 21, from Timonium, Maryland, suffers from a skin condition known as vitiligo, causing white patches to appear on her face and body. She had been covering her face with layers of makeup, which wasn’t only expensive, but also very time consuming.

Last year she threw caution to the wind and left the makeup at home, and was amazed at everyone’s reaction.

“I think she is an example and an inspiration for a lot of people with conditions—men and women alike,” said choreographer and dance teacher Edwin Morris Lee Jr. from the Purge Dance Crew.

She is beautiful both inside and out.

Video Credit: YouTube | Barcroft TV.

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