This talented busker knows his way around the ukulele—but watch what he’s doing with his feet!

Street artists and buskers adorn the streets of major cities across the globe. Their art can bring life to an otherwise bland cityscape.

The originality of the busker tends to determine their success. Standing strumming a ukulele all by itself just doesn’t cut it.

This street artist discovered his system, combining his string music with a giggle-inducing percussion section.

The man can be seen, sitting on a small amplifier and leaning against a concrete wall, simultaneously playing the ukulele and mouth organ, while stomping out a steady and unusual-sounding beat on—yes indeed—a collection of rubber chickens.

You can hear children laughing off-camera, thoroughly enjoying this artist’s show.

The upbeat folk music comically loops while the performer smiles at the camera.

A busker’s life has been known to evolve from unknown street artist to international super star.

Many international sensations got their start as buskers. Ed Sheeran and Tracy Chapman are both Grammy winners who honed their art on the streets of their hometowns.

Famed comic and movie star Steve Martin started his world-class career playing the banjo for pedestrians in his hometown.

This busker, despite his lack of international fame, undoubtedly brightens people’s day with up beat tunes and humble smiles.

 Source: ©Facebook Video Screenshot | CONTENTbible