Mysterious lights appear over Norwegian sky—they’re said to be UFOs captured on camera!

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. But when it comes to these 10 photographs discovered over time, the images are more likely to leave you with a thousand questions than anything!

There’s the “Hook Island Sea Monster,” which is a photograph taken on a family vacation in 1964 depicting a 40-foot-long tadpole-like sea creature that was described as having a monstrous, gaping mouth and sinister eyes. Although some speculate it could have been a plastic tarp, the suggested offending piece of debris was seemingly never found, and Photoshop didn’t exist at the time the picture first started making the rounds.

Scientists also still have no definitive explanation for the “Hessdalen Lights,” which appear as luminescent orbs floating above the city of Oslo in Norway; nor do they have any explanation for the never-seen-again “Babushka lady” who appeared to have photographed Kennedy’s assassination in 1963.

Although plenty of wildly mysterious photographs float around the internet and are ultimately debunked by multiple sources, this video is unique in that none of the 10 photographs shown have ever been conclusively found to be either fake or doctored.

They’re all either too old for Photoshop or too authentic to be a fabrication done up for attention, leaving the world with the ever-present wonder: just how many unexplained incidents do we have photographic evidence of right under our noses?

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