Woman rolls her eyes after judge reduces her fine—then he says a few words & leaves her stunned

Our favorite Providence judge isn’t in the mood to take any attitude in this clip courtesy of “Caught in Providence.”

For many, coming before this famously just Providence judge is voluntary. Many choose to do so to seek an opportunity to reduce the fines they accumulate through any manner of minor traffic infractions.

As our defendant timidly approaches the stand and addresses this no-nonsense wielder of the law, it is immediately apparent that the defendant and judge do not see eye-to-eye.

Watch as the situation is handled with patience, poise and, yes, justice.

To date, this video has amassed close to half a million views and has attracted hundreds of commenters.

Xu Xin’s top comment showed concern for our defendant, “It seems she was going to cry.”

Ned Thumberland approached the scenario with kindness and empathy with his comment, “For many who are going through a tough time, life can get you down to the point where everything, no matter how small, can be frustrating and emotionally draining. I think that’s how that woman feels.”

As we have come to expect, Judge Frank Caprio’s approach is consistent and fair; even when he is communicating some of the harder things we need to hear.

Source: ©Video Screenshot | Caught in Providence