Youtube magician pranks grandma with ‘cruel’ tricks—& her reactions are too much to handle

Julius Dein has more than just one trick up his sleeve. In this video, he entertains and terrorizes his adorable grandmother with six funny and cruel magic tricks—and her reactions totally steal the show.

This duos exchanges feel natural and loving. Nothing staged here, except for the magic. Julius demonstrates his ability to mix magic and humor in just the right proportions to keep you both in awe and giggling.

Like this cruel trick where he ‘cracks his neck’ using a bubble wrapper to make a horrendous sound, terrifying his poor grandmother.


Or the one where he tells his grandma there’s a problem with his Samsung: ‘It goes really hot.’ Then his cell phone shoots out fire, terrorizing the old lady. Luckily, she’s a good sport and loves her grandson!

The 23-year-old magician from London has received praise for the funny pranks, but probably even more on how sweet is grandma is.

One person on Youtube wrote: “U have the cutest grandma ever! I love how she’s scared and dosent (sic) trust you and then boom AMAZING HOWD YOU DO IT”

A woman on Facebook admired their playful bond: “What a cute relationship. She’s going to live for a long time having somebody keeping her on her toes like that. He’s adding laughter and joy to her life. .. plus he enjoys the audience of her.”

But of course, not everyone was a fan of Julian’s cruel pranks on grandma.

“That’s not nice to upset your grandma that way,” one lady wrote. Another added, “God bless your Grandma for putting up with you! %image_alt%

One grandma chipped into the heated conversation: “my 9 year old grandson pranks me all the time, it is so annoying and so joyous all at the same time! Would not trade it for the word %image_alt%


Julius Dein takes his art seriously. A quick look at his YouTube channel and you will find a multitude of entertaining videos. His talents include street magic, camera gags and of course, lots of comedy.

Source: ©Facebook Video Screenshot | Julius Dein